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Taraz Polimer Iranian was officially established in the year 1396 for operating based on needs of many production units in Isfahan province . After many years of trying and gaining experience in various costumes in the polymers industry of Isfahan, the senior managers of this company understand the need of industrialists and honorable producers of Isfahan for consulting and supplying high quality raw materials with the best prices and decentralization in Iran. Now, after years of gaining experience, we are happy to serve all those working in the field of polymer industry in Iran, not only as a trading company but also as a group with ideas and ideas to produce the raw materials needed by the polymer industry. We will produce the required raw materials based on local technical knowledge in the land of our country in the near future.

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The latest polymer packaging

by Taraz Polymer Iranian 2022/2/Saturday
Plasticizers are an integral part of PVC product formulations

PVC tends to be polar and non-polar in terms of chemical compatibility. This makes it compatible with

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by Taraz Polymer Iraian 2022/2/Saturday
Nuclear or clarifying additives ? Which one is the right choice for us?

Polymer additives are added to polymers with a slogan: Low spending, !

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by Taraz Polymer Iranian 2022/1/Saturday
Applications of polymeric materials

Polymers are used in many industries. Some industries that consume polymers include:

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